Posted by: cosmicmango | August 24, 2010

The Shortage of the Pumpkins

A can of pureed pumpkin made by One-Pie.

Image via Wikipedia

Apparently, due to amounts of precipitation, the pumpkins have a shortage. This pumpkin shortage is decreasing the amounts of pumpkin pies.  I miss you, Pumpkin Pie! Cans of pumpkin have become very valuable. I hope I can get some Pumpkins sometime soon. Next time I see a pumpkin… I will be very glad!

I have recently heard that there was a Pumpkin Shortage in 2008, too. Oh, well. Hopefully this pumpkin shortage will be the end of the pumpkin shortages. Though there might be one in 2011 or 2012…

I’m really not hoping for that.

When the pumpkins return from their long and gloomy shortage, I will probably eat a pumpkin pie as soon as possible.


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